Grand Duchy of Almania

Region of Zarubain
Grand Duchy
Seat: Alzdorf

The Grand Duchy of Almania, ruled by the Durkheim family for as long as any can remember, lies in the far east of Zarubain. It is practically self-governing, with an extremely strong military and a location far from Zarubad. The grand duke has a reputation as bellicose, having engaged in warfare with the state of Kav for many centuries. He has never succeeded in bringing Kav’s grand prince to heel.


The Wald: A great forest in the south of Almania. Legend has it that a great hag sorceress lives here, the Witch of the Wald. White Wolves are known to prowl through it.

The Goldlands: A large plain, home to numerous farms — mostly wheat and barley.

The White Mountains: Though not as tall as the Dragonteeth or the Easthorns, these mountains are treacherous in the winter and home to many White Wolves.

Beergarden: A three-day long festival in late summer, considered the highlight of the year.


  • Freeburg — A town, population 10,000, in the Goldlands. It has a charter of self-rule from the king and is sometimes called the Queen of the Plain.
  • Maidenburg — A town, population 7,000, on the edge of the Wald. It also has a charter of self-rule from the king.

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