Grand Duchy of Almania

Region of Zarubain
Grand Duchy
Seat: Alzdorf

The Grand Duchy of Almania, ruled by the Durkheim family for as long as any can remember, lies in the far east of Zarubain, bordered by Dorenzia on its southeast and Gallia on its northeast. It is practically self-governing, with an extremely strong military and a location far from Zarubad. The grand duke has a reputation as bellicose, having engaged in warfare with the state of Kav for many centuries. He has never succeeded in bringing Kav’s grand prince to heel.


The Wald: A great forest in the south of Almania. Legend has it that a great hag sorceress lives here, the Witch of the Wald. White Wolves are known to prowl through it.

The Goldlands: A large plain, home to numerous farms — mostly wheat and barley.

The White Mountains: Though not as tall as the Dragonteeth or the Easthorns, these mountains are treacherous in the winter and home to many White Wolves.

Beergarden: A three-day long festival in late summer, considered the highlight of the year.



  • Freeburg — A town, population 10,000, in the Goldlands. It has a charter of self-rule from the king and is sometimes called the Queen of the Plain.
  • Maidenburg — A town, population 7,000, on the edge of the Wald. It also has a charter of self-rule from the king. It is known for its hot springs and healing spas.

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