Type: Magic weaver

The wizards of the Northern World wield powers of ice, fire, lightning and more to great effect. They are students of magic who search the world for greater knowledge, hoarding books and scrolls like the most precious of treasures. Widely considered the most powerful magic weavers in Varda, their vast power ensures they are beholden to no worldly government. However, they have their earthly base of operations in the Wizards Tower in the city of Galiope. A legend states they have a city of their own which only wizards can visit.

The ruling body of wizards, the Council of the Twelve, has a representative from each of the twelve orders:

Blue WizardGreen Robes: Tenets of life, mercy and openness bind this order together. The most eclectic of orders, they emphasize knowledge like the Blue Robes and compassion like the White Robes. Unique among the orders, the Green Robes express the belief that magic weavers and the magically ungifted are equal.

Red Robes: Devoted to enhancing and maximizing magical power, the Order of the Red Robes expresses a desire to embrace the destructive aspects of magic and suppress the wizards’ enemies without mercy. Some Red Robe wizards hire themselves out as mercenaries to the Zarube king and others.

Blue Robes: The most scholarly of orders, the Blue Robes seek ancient texts, rare books, and hidden knowledge with the thirst of fanatics. They are the scribes and librarians of wizardry. Each initiate of the order is taught extensively about history and about how to read ancient, forgotten languages.

Orange Robes: A wizard clad in orange is a wizard dedicated to maximizing the destructive powers of magic. Similar to the Red Robes, the wizards in orange mostly wield powers of fire, ice, acid and lightning. However, they do not sell themselves as mercenaries — such a thing would warrant expulsion from the order. Like the Blue Robes, they focus strongly on gathering knowledge, but only to the purpose of maximizing magical power.

Gold Robes: This order places an emphasis on engaging in world affairs, on the finer points of diplomacy, and on increasing the political power of wizards, positions which often put it at odds with the White Robes. Formed by Urien Septor, a skilled enchanter, it is one of the older orders and among the wealthiest.

Silver Robes: The Silver Robes have a great spirit for amusement and lightness. Formed by the illusionist and entertainer Callisto the Glib, the Silver Robes have no qualms profiting from their magic and entertaining country folk for coin, nor do they question their amiable, people-focused lifestyle. Many Silver Robe wizards learn to play musical instruments.  Others infuse their song with the power of magic.

Brown Robes: A closeness to  nature, a desire to return to the basics of life, a spurning of books and learning unique among wizards makes up the essence of this order. Often looked down upon by the others, the Brown Robes began with Ethbert the Wild, a wizard who lived in the forests of Gallia, refusing to shave, cut his hair, or sleep indoors. His successors follow that lifestyle to varying degrees.

Starry Robes: This order was formed for the dogged pursuit of the Dark One’s servants, the elimination of Forbidden magic weavers, and the disruption of demonic activity. Their notorious heavy-handed behavior has led to some animosity among the other orders.

Moon Robes: Crescent moon symbols on a wizard’s robe indicates a dedication to unveiling hidden mysteries. The order seeks to not just to wield magic but understand its workings in a metaphysical sense. They pursue knowledge like the Blue Robes but not necessarily through the written word. They congregate at the Lune Tower in the Old Wood, east of Galiope.

White Robes: This order, open only to women, was founded by the wizard Lusilla, who believed wizards had become too focused on power and domination. The White Robes believe in a total divorce from political affairs, a focus on healing and a goal to reduce suffering. Their patron god is Nariya the Mother, Queen of Healing. They emphasize piety and devotion to the gods far beyond the other orders, with the possible exception of the Green Robes. They are also skilled gardeners, spending much time traveling Gallia and the Northern World planting healing herbs.

Gray Robes: The Gray Robes has no unified goal or mission. It was formed to provide an outlet for those who disagreed with all other orders. It welcomes many outsiders, but unlike the Black Robes does not accept necromancers, odynomancers (wizards of pain) and certain other strains of magic. Some consider the Gray Robes the least of the orders.

Black Robes: This secretive order embraces an independent and subversive outlook. Few outside it know its customs, and many believe Black Robe wizards permit Forbidden magic. Unlike other orders they welcome necromancers eagerly, as well as odynomancers and others who practice despised forms of magic.

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