Type: Magic weaver

Augurs, an order of magical adepts blessed with the power of wind and speed, serve the Imperiagovernment. Their headquarters, the Augur Collegium, is located within Imperial City. Though formidable in combat, they serve most skillfully as scouts, thanks to their legendary powers of speed. Their leader, termed Maestro (male) or Maestra (female), commands the order from the collegium.

Their famous gear is a winged leather cap, a magical staff they use as a weapon, and leather armor.

At any one time, between 9,000 and 12,000 trained augurs of varying skill reside within the Empire. Veteran augurs are highly valued by the emperor and the Imperial Army. The most powerful augurs walk at a speed that outpaces a horse’s canter, and strike so hard with their quarterstaves they outdo adamant swords.


• Moving swiftly at the back of the wind.
• Leaping to great heights.
• Summoning a sudden gust of wind.
• Striking heavy blows with the aid of wind.


• Summoning windstorms and cyclones.
• Unseen in recent history, the power of flight.

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