Magical power (Elvish: Elenthas) is a source of tremendous creative energy that exists simultaneously within and totally outside the material world (Varda). Those born with the ability to wield elenthas—as well as the few who achieve it through constant practice—manifest it in a unique way. However, groups of magic weavers (elenthari) whether united by blood or a common locale, often manifest similarly. Such groups include the augurs of the Empire, the Black Zealots of Nardur, the theurges of Eloesus, and others.


“The mortal soul is not designed for the Void; the human is not a proper vessel for shadow.”—Tedron, the first archwizard

Undisciplined use of magical power comes at great risk. To a magic weaver, the temptation to tap the Void may become irresistible. The Void greatly enhances his power, while simultaneously infusing his soul with evil and eventually driving him mad. Such renegades become uncontrolled forces of destruction, destroying everything around them before destroying themselves.

Magic weavers

Magic takes many forms, across individuals and across societies:

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