County of the Eastern Region of Zarubain
Seat: Dern

East of the White Mountains from Almania lies County Dorenzia, a land of stone castles, dark-walled towns and gloomy cathedrals.


Harsh winters are a feature of Dorenzia. Snow falls in autumn and often sticks well past spring. Wheat is grown in its western and central  areas. Hotly contested is the fertile region of Ritteroff, bordering Lake Silbermir. Kav calls the region Rodnerov and claims it as its own. For a long time Kav managed to keep the Rodnerovi in its fold, before Kav in 1130 YE suddenly retreated from world affairs.


Dern, at 10,000 people, is the largest town in Dorenzia. The Cathedral of Dern is dedicated to Tyr, god of war. Warriors are knighted there.

Ten other “free cities,” having obtained self-governance by a charter, are stretched across the vast region. They often number less than 1,000 in population. Most Dorenzians live in the countryside. Peasants enjoy superior rights compared to the Zarubes of the west.


Dorenzia was once an eastern outpost of Almania, ruled by a grosswalter (deputy) of the Almanian king. After King Huderic accepted the rule of the Zarube king, becoming Grand Duke Huderic instead, the Grosswalter of Dorenzia  — outraged at the surrender —announced his independence. The war that followed resulted in an independent Dorenzia also under the rule of the Zarubes. The Count of Dorenzia has since patched up relations with Almania and become its greatest ally. It has taken part in the many wars against Kav.


The Dorenzians have not embraced Zarube religion or culture. Not a single church to Feanara can be found in Dern or the free cities. Instead — in addition to Tyr lord of war — they worship Vormir the Blue Dragon, a mythical beast which they say fought with them in ancient times. The priests of the Blue Dragon congregate at the High Hold, a primitive stone temple in the White Mountains.


Wine is viewed as the mark of the foreigner and beer-drinking is encouraged. Dorenzian cuisine is famous for its fat pork sausages and fried potatoes.

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