“For Lady, King and Country!”
Seat: Zarubad
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Reigning Monarch: King Jourmande vis Bretagne
Dating System: Waking Year (W.Y.) about 126 years ahead of the Imperial dating system (Y.E.)

Zarubain is a kingdom in the north of the Western Nations, a feudal and largely agrarian society with a rigid social hierarchy. At the top is the King of Zarubain, followed by the dukes and the great lords and ladies. At the bottom are the peasants and the free men of the great towns, followed by the elven slaves which are considered the scum of the earth.

Crisscrossed by rivers and possessing rich, abundant farmland, it comes as no surprise that Zarubain is the most densely populated country in the Northern World. Only the metropolises of the Empire surpass the size of the Royal City, Zarubad.

The human population is vast, but living alongside them are the Fair Folk. These are seen only by the most powerful of the fey priestesses, who claim that Zarubain is the domain of the Winter Court. The queen of the fairies, Feanara, is worshipped as the chief goddess and beloved by the knights of the realm. Many stories are told of her—whose names include the Green Lady, the Lady of the Wood, or the Lady In White—and her love-affairs with mortal men.


On the coast of the Western Sea is the oldest and wealthiest region, the Western Heartlands. Both the Western and Eastern Heartlands are well watered and rainy, producing abundant crops. To the east is Further Zarubain and the Central Zarube Plain, drier and more extreme in temperature. Further on lie the Eastern Regions whose counties and duchies are self-governing realms in all but name, far from the king’s control. The Kingdom of Zarubain is traditionally defined by the River Zaros and the Dragonteeth Mountains in the north to the River Zarube in the south, and from the Western Sea up to the somewhat nebulous border with Gallian League in the east.

Important Cities:

Zarubad – 200,000
Carribor– 100,000
Tournay – 70,000
Alzdorf – 50,000


  • The First Elven War: 1076 to 1090 W.Y.
  • The Second Elven War: 1213-1224 W.Y.


Feymush Fields: a sacred area haunted by the fey. Here, marsh lights draw the unwary into quicksand and tricksters carry away visitors’ belongings. Fey priestesses claim that this is the seat of the Winter Court, and their king, Morgain’diwah.

The Eldenwood: A large forest and a notable fey haunt.


The Seven Gems 

The “seven gems in the king’s crown” are seven regions in the Western Heartlands, the oldest and wealthiest territories in Zarubain. Though small in size compared to other duchies, they lie upon fertile ground and have benefited disproportionately from Zarubain’s wars, leading to fabulous wealth and resources, and disproportionate power in politics.

  • Vale of Roy: (Royal Seat: Zarubad)
  • Duchy Valais
  • Duchy Lessant
  • Duchy Ajernon
  • Duchy Voraigne (Seat: Voraigne Manor)
  • Duchy Arvogne
  • Duchy Duranche

The Western Heartlands

The region near the capital of Zarubad is considered the heart of the country.

The Eastern Heartlands

An inland region considered to stretch from the edge of the Western Heartlands to the edge of County Orr.

Further Zarubain

A region beyond the Eastern Heartlands, considered a backwater.

The Eastern Region

The far east of Zarubain. Its counts and dukes are practically self governing, being so far removed from the king. Winters in the Eastern Region are extremely harsh.

Tales featuring Zarubain

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