Region: Gad
Capital: Titanis (population unknown)


At a place where foothills herald the coming of high mountains, and at the north-easternmost part of Gad, is Hybernia. When a visitor enters this serene land of giant oaks, he might feel transported to a different age: a place that existed at the dawn of time and perhaps before it. Stone ruins of forgotten epochs lay scattered through the forest.


A race of proud and wise giants walks among the great oaks. In height they range from 7 to 10 feet tall. In weight, they range from 350 lbs. to more than 700 lbs., which is usually mostly muscle.  They can overpower almost any non-giant.


They claim their original home is in the faraway region of the dwarves, and trace their presence in the Western Nations to Lord Bayne’s expedition.

Titanis, the city of the giants, is built inside and underneath a great hill. The only non-giants allowed within its halls are dwarves, and by extension, the norgs of Kalamar.


The giants never meddle in the affairs of humans. When the foolish intrude with evil intent, the giants invariably crush them. At a distance, the stone hurlers can kill scores with one boulder. At close range, warriors wield steel mauls. And if neither of those suffice, the shifters streak across the battlefield, and the norns provide reconnaissance long before the conflict.


Around one in a hundred male Hybernian giants has the ability to shape-shift into the forms of animals: usually wolverines, black bears, or badgers. Around one in a thousand male Hybernian giants has the ability to shape-shift into any shape or form, regardless of small size.


About one in a hundred female Hybernian giants has powers of far sight; they are called norns. An inexperienced norn can see only a few feet beyond her immediate vision. The most powerful of norns can see hundreds of miles away.

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