Nation: The Empire
Capital: Bregantium


The southernmost edge of Gad (including Bregantium) has a similar climate to Anthania and Eloesus: hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. The interior of Gad, however, has a more extreme climate of dry to humid, hot summers and cold, sometimes snowy winters. Gad, especially in the north, is heavily forested.

On the north-easternmost edge of Gad is Hybernia, a forest populated by giants. Toward the center of the province, the town of Brill gains its fame for the lumbering trade.

Other important towns

  • Brill: In the Imperial pronunciation, Brilium. Population 10,000.
  • Floridium: Originally Floridion, founded as a Thenoan colony, a city on the northwest edge of Gad. Population 10,000.


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