Nation: The Empire
Capital: Bregantium

Though it is often considered backward and undeveloped, Gad is the second-oldest province and the first to join the Empire after Anthania.


The southernmost edge of Gad, moderated by the sea, is rarely touched by snow and enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Further north, winters are often snowy and sometimes harsh. Gad, especially in the north, is heavily forested.

On the north-easternmost edge of Gad is Hybernia, a forest populated by giants. Toward the center of the province, the town of Brill gains its fame for the lumbering trade.


Gad was the home to a number of wandering peoples, the Eloesians in the south and west, the Geats in the north and center, and the norgs in the Kalamar Forest. Gad is named after the River Gad, which dissects the region in two.

In the late 200s and early 300s, trade disputes with the Empire erupted, eventually turning into total war, with the Geats and the Eloesians banding together against it. However, the region was eventually surrendered to the Empire in 395 Y.E, at which point it became a full-fledged province, the first province to be formed after Anthania.


  • Bregantium: The capital of the province and by far the largest city. Population 80,000.
  • Brill: In the Imperial pronunciation, Brilium. Population 10,000.
  • Floridium: Originally Floridion, founded as a Thenoan colony, a city on the northwest edge of Gad. Population 10,000.


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