The Empire

Imperial helmet
 “One Land, One Vision, One Emperor.”
Capital: Peregoth (Official); Imperial City (De Facto)
Government: Officially, representative democracy. De facto, absolute monarchy.
Ruler: His Undying Glory, Emperor Giton Seánus Algabal

Of all the Western Nations, it is perhaps the most difficult to generalize about the Empire. It is a conglomeration of peoples forced into one nation. Its five provinces are ruled by five governors: the nine islands of Imperial DistrictAnthania, the most densely populated region in the Western Nations and perhaps in Varda;  Gad, a colder, less developed region; Paladium, a former theocracy; and Eloesus, a warm land of plenty and home to a proud and fiercely intellectual people.

The Empire is ruled by one man, the emperor, and a group of thirty elected councilors. The emperor is styled High Thane of Gad, Tyrant of Eloesus, Commander of Anthania and Peregoth. He is the shepherd of the people whose demands are law. Wherever he goes, the legion follows. If he says it is day, it is day; if he says it is night, it is night.

The Empire and Fharas to the south have sat in uneasy peace for decades, fighting wars only by proxy, such as in the Kheroan Rebellion.

Recent Events

The Great Kheroan Rebellion or the Seánine War (975-981) A group of rebels, funded and aided by the King of Kings of Fharas, sought to overthrow Magon, the Great King of Kheroe, an ally of the Empire.  The prior emperor, Julio Seánus, overcame the pressure of the Imperial Council to withhold support and intervened. The rebellion was suppressed, but the victory came at a cost for Kheroe; the kingdom became a client state, with a constant Imperial military presence.


Important Cities

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Notable people

Tales of the Empire

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