Nation: The Empire
Province: Gad

The timber houses and shops of Brill evoke an earlier era, when countless logs were sent down the River Gad into the southlands. Deforestation proved the death-knell for Brill, but in the time since, the woodlands have recovered. Other sources of timber now feed the Empire’s insatiable appetite, but the Queen of the River remains, boasting a sizable population and an idyllic location.


Brill was once known as Brillham, a meeting place for a people called the Middenfolk. After the Imperial annexation of Gad, they began to lose their identity, adopting the Imperial tongue and certain Imperial customs.


The libraries and theaters of the southlands are as alien here as cypress trees and palms.

  • The Hog’s Head Inn: The largest inn of Brill, three stories high, a favorite of both locals and outsiders.
  • Ingmarius statue: A large wooden statue of Ingmarius Wolfslayer, said to be the greatest of the Woodsmen of Brill, who put a halt to the Evil Winter of 831. At that time, what was potently recorded as ‘packs of ravenous beasts’ were killing scores of cottagemen and loggers outside the city walls. He is depicted with his foot on a lupine creature’s head, with an arrow nocked to his bow.

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