Day of Reckoning


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“Seeing the great darkness within the elven prince’s heart, the High God cursed his descendants with a thirst for blood…”

More than four hundred years after the vampire’s curse first took hold among the Dark Prince’s children, the druen nation faces certain doom. The non-cursed elven tribes, angered by recent atrocities, form an unprecedented union to annihilate the druen race.

The king of the vampires musters his too-few soldiers to stave off certain obliteration, but the Dark Elves and High Elves, acting in unison, have made up their minds: to invade the Dark Land and bring about the DAY OF RECKONING.

The final Vampire Origins novella.

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Locales: The Elven World
Further reading: NardurDruen, Druenel-Hai


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