Country: Nardur
Population: approx. 10,000

The capital of Nardur is the only sizable town in the land of the vampires. Six thousand druen and their slaves live within the stone walls. Built along a river known as the Nar’ Hannon (Black River), and less than a mile from the frigid, salty waters of the North Sea, it is the initial destination of slaves and the source of any sparse culture and refinement that Nardur can offer. The evil of the legendary City of Vampires is the fodder of scary tales across the world.

From the palace, the King and Queen of the Vampires (Drazzandori y Drazzandoré) rule over the populace. The royal family has an anciently established right of first blood; at their request, the firstborn of any Druenel-Hai citizen may be the victim of the infamous blood-feast.

Despite the dark-hearted nature of the city, measures are taken to retain the people’s sanity. History has shown—in the wild “ghouls” of Sardur to the south, and in the blood-crazed, wandering Morthen—that the druen’s lust for blood can wreck civilization and order. The blood-feast is performed privately, on threat of death. However, there is nothing altruistic in this rule, no concern for victims; only a goal of order, survival, and self-preservation.


• The Black Altar: In the center of the town square, an altar of black stone sits unused. Though no sacrifices have taken place in recent memory, its purpose—even if unspoken-of—is clear. The original vampire settlers worshiped the Dark One, and it was here that they offered innocent lives to him. Some consider this monument a matter of national shame; others speak well of the Dark One, saying that sacrifices should begin again, and are not reprimanded.

• The Drusion: Properly known as the Castle of Drusion, and nicknamed the Black Castle, this is the abode of the King and Queen of the Vampires. None are permitted to enter without invitation; any unwelcome guests, regardless of age, fit the rule of right of first blood, and become the object of the royal family’s blood-feast.

• Gilden Monument: A statue of black stone, carved into the shape of the first vampire.

• Grand Slave Market: Dozens, sometimes hundreds, of slaves are brought here each day. Many are sold to the outlying villages; others stay in Druenel-Hai. Their fate is inevitably grim.

• The Library of Druthor: A small collection of scrolls and codices can be found here, including (and especially) works banned by the non-cursed elves. It was built by the second drazzandori, Druthor the Great (Druthor Gilthas).

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