Seat: Parballon

A county in Zarubain’s Eastern Region, Parbée is half-covered in the sprawling Silver Forest and half developed. A variety of crops are grown in the developed region, and though dairy farms exist, the farmers face a losing battle against the giant Black Wolves leaving from the Silver Forest.


The Silver Forest is one of the least explored wildernesses in Zarubain. Full of silver-leafed aspens and mighty firs, it is very easy to get lost in the vast expanse. Rumors of undiscovered gold mines, abandoned treasure, and the mythical wolf-men abound among the citizens of Parballon. One thing is for certain: Black Wolves prowl there, seeking victims both human and animal; and they often leave into the farmland to prey on livestock.


Thanks to its relatively eastern location, Parbée has a continental climate of hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

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