County of Lys

Nation: Zarubain

Lys is one of the three counties in the Eldenwood region of Zarubain.


Lys is home to one of the oldest bloodlines in Zarubain. The count and countess of Lys pledged allegiance to the queen Melisande in the 200s Y.B.E. The daughters of the House of Lys are named Lysa if born into the blood, or adopt the name Lysanne if married in. The sons of the House of Lys are named Lysandrien if born into the blood, or adopt the name Lysar if married in. The name serves as both a name of address and a surname. Nicknames are used to distinguish them. The ruling count and countess are styled with an “el” preceding the name (Ellysandrien or Ellysar, Ellysanne or Ellysa).

A rumor  persists, hotly denied, that the House of Lys is of partial Elvish blood.


Most lowborn peasants have never seen the count or countess of Lys, and those that have do not speak to them. The villeins of Lys are forbidden from leaving the county without consent, which has not been given in recent memory. All have the surname Lysi (male) or Lysei (female) and do not technically own their property.


Like most other regions of Zarubain, a fairy priestess presides over the weyrd of Lys. Reverend Lady Sybelle collects a tithe from the villeins, and channels most of it back into feeding the poor. She is known to be one of the most charitable women living.


Stargold Manor: The home of the reigning count and countess of Lys.

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