Country: The Empire
Capital: Sanctum

For many leagues beyond the coast, Paladium is a barren wetland sparsely populated and navigated via causeways. Sanctum, the only sizable town in the region, stands alone in the vast expanse. Its main exports are salt, books (produced en masse in great workshops), and herbs. Its relatively large population is due to the priesthood in Sanctum, which draws young men and women from all the provinces to train as monks and vestals.


The Magisterium, according to legend, was formed several centuries before the foundation of Peregoth (around 300-400 Y.B.E.) by the Elders, a legendary race that taught humankind about the gods. It remained independent and became close with the city-states of Eloesus to the south-east, and the Magisterium grew wealthy from the tithes of the faithful. By 100 Y.E., the Magisterium claimed to have stamped out all demon-worship in the known world.

It wasn’t until the 520s Y.E., when the Empire became aware of the Magisterium’s support for the Eloesian rebels—both financial and moral—that the province became an Imperial target. The fiery denunciations of the Pontifex drew the ire of the emperor, the Imperial Council, and the people, and the poor relations reached a climax in 551 Y.E., when a monk militant slew a group of Imperial citizens passing through the region. From 551 to 555 Y.E. the Clerical War raged and the Magisterium faltered against the legions. From 555 until 720 Y.E., Paladium was officially a protectorate or client state of the Empire, kept in obedience by an ever-present contingent of legionaries. In 720 Y.E., Emperor Tullius eschewed the distinction and declared it a full province. The Magisterium was allowed to remain semiautonomous.


  • Sanctum (pop. 100,000): The capital and by far the largest city of the province.
  • Solace (pop. 10,000): A town where the Magisterium’s moral laws do not apply.
  • Varister (pop. 2,000): The largest town in the wetland region, serving as its de facto capital.



• Cloud Temple Monastery: An ancient Trabertine monastery built high in the snowy regions of the Sky Mountains

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