Imperial District

Nation: The Empire

The nine islands of Imperial District were formed by volcanoes, now long-dormant. From the ancient island of Eronesis (now named Peregoth) came the long line of Sea Kings that founded the Empire. Denizens are called the Isle Men.

The rulers of the nine islands – with the exception of Peregoth – benefit from what are among the only hereditary positions in the Empire. Besides Peregoth, the islands are ruled by princes (each being a member of the knightly class) and his garrison of soldiers.

Listed in order of population:

  1. Peregoth
  2. Agornesis
  3. Seldanis
  4. Amaris
  5. Acronesis
  6. Estanis
  7. Hieronesis
  8. Loronis
  9. Kerundis

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