Imperial District

The nine islands of Imperial District were formed by volcanoes, now long-dormant. From the ancient island of Eronesis (now named Peregoth) came the long line of Sea Kings that founded the Empire. Denizens are called the Isle-Men.

The rulers of the nine islands – with the exception of Peregoth – benefit from what are among the only hereditary positions in the Empire. Besides Peregoth, the islands are ruled by princes (each being a member of the knightly class) and his garrison of soldiers.

Listed in order of population:

  1. Peregoth (originally Eronesis)
  2. Agornesis
  3. Seldanis
  4. Amaris
  5. Acronesis
  6. Estanis
  7. Hieronesis
  8. Loronis
  9. Kerundis

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