Nation: The Empire (nominally)
Province: Gad

Murk is a large, heavily forested swamp west from Kalamar across the River Gad.


Murk is the ancestral home of the harpies, a race of winged humanoids known for their mastery of poison. Harpies have inhabited the swamp since before the Dark Age. Murk is the center of their small kingdom.


A heavy canopy covers most of the swamps, blocking out light. Below, much of the swamps are overgrown with shoots, vines and bushes, making travel impossible. Those who build a home beware: the swamps’ vegetation grows quickly and will reclaim any building within months without aggressive cutting.


Besides harpies, Murk is home to fey from the dark side of Faerie. Hags are known to live here, and some travelers report seeing them in their nightmares. Goblins, will o’ wisps and more present deadly danger to the unprepared.


The most feared creature of the swamps is said to be its guardian. The Mandragora is a mass of vines, thorns and tendrils that moves swiftly across Murk, devouring all in its path. Some who have seen it claim there are two yellow eyes looking out from the undergrowth.


  • Hag Hollow: The rumored meeting place of the Murk hags
  • Nagaash: The harpy capital, surrounded by a wooden wall and a moat. Outsiders are killed on sight.