Wagontown Settlement

Boss: Kai Dragonstone
Patron god: Peong (official); Lunas (most popular)
Pop. 34,000

Not long after Kalamar became an official Friend of the Empire, a group of norgs traveled in wagons and settled outside Imperial City. The Imperials call norgs halflings, often mistaking them for children. However, they have become a noted part of city life, having built a reputation for thievery and pick pocketing.

In addition to the original wagons, now ancestral relics parked around the town square, homes and shanty houses have been built. Wagontown now boasts many thousands of halflings as residents. As a suburban enclave outside the city lines, it has no representation in the Imperial Council.

Currently, Wagontown Settlement is led by a ruffian named Kai Dragonstone. He calls himself the Boss and keeps an eye out for all Wagontown citizens, as long as they behave and pay taxes.


Temple of Peong: Most norgs no longer worship their ancestral god, but those who do pray in this makeshift temple, a large wagon in the town square.

Old Man Greenleaf: A tree in the center of Wagontown has stood since its founding. The tree is decorated with candles for Yule and with ribbons in spring and summer. Some consider it an emblem of their ancestral forest home. The tree is an oak whose seeds were taken from Kalamar and planted here.

The New Dain Inn: A spacious inn facing Old Man Greenleaf, featuring a stuffed stag head above the hearth and a gambling hall.

Travel advice

Norgs here speak the Imperial tongue and have lost much of their cultural identity. However, it stands apart from the surrounding cities and enclaves. Visitors of all races are welcome to stay in the New Dain Inn, as long as they can fit through the door.