Nation: The Empire
 Imperial City (pop. 1,000,000+)


Anthania is a vast peninsula, flanked by the Imperial Sea on the east and the ocean on the west.

The Path of Tidus, an ancient road, cuts through the less populous Anthanian central valley. Locked between the Iron Mountains and the Goldenhorn Mountains, lack of water within this section of Anthania is a constant problem, and the aqueducts help only slightly.

A surprisingly deep rift in the sea runs along the eastern shore. Beyond the Goldenhorns is a desolate, waterless country.

The main center of population is located in the south and southeast. Imperial City, the largest in the known world, faces the shore of the Middle Sea. Nearby is Tidusca, another large city, and Nichaeus, a military town.


Originally, the land was sparsely inhabited. A people calling themselves the Seafaring or Maritime Geaths — related to the people of Gad to the north — inhabited small fishing villages along the coast. They made their living from the land and fought amongst each other, never uniting. Later,  Settlers from the Eloesian city of Tharta later arrived, calling the region “Dys” or “The West.” They founded cities on the southwestern coastline.

After Anthans and the Imperials invaded, the peninsula was named “Anthania” in the conqueror’s honor. The inhabitants of this polyglot region mixed together, eventually becoming indistinguishable and forming a new people called “the Anthanians.”

Once viewed as a backwater,  Anthania is now considered the center of civilization. Though the capital of the Empire is, in name, Peregoth, the government mostly resides within Anthania’s crown jewel, Imperial City.

Other Major Cities:

  • Tidusca (pop. 120,000)
  • Nichaeus (pop. 100,000)

Smaller Cities

  • Paradise Gardens (pop. 15,000) A summer resort for the elites.
  • Lornatium (pop. 10,000) Once called Lornadion, a former Thartan colony. Though its Eloesian identity has mostly been lost, many buildings retain its ancient character.

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