Vampire Blade

vampire blade

Timeline: circa 210 Y.B.E.
Locations: Nardur and Lamdar

Seeing the great darkness within the elven prince’s heart, the High God cursed his descendants with a thirst for blood…

A century has passed since the vampire race settled in the arctic north. It seems all is well for Druthor the Great, King of the Vampires, sitting uncontested on the Crimson Throne, when an iron sorceress arrives from the southlands. With her tales of war and tumult, she brings memories of what Druthor does not have: a national heirloom, an ancestral treasure, Lifedrinker, the ancient blade of the vampires. But recovering it will prove more dangerous than any could possibly imagine.

Vampire Origins novella.

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Then read the sequel, Crimson Throne.
Start the series with Army of Darkness.

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