All novels, novellas, short stories, encyclopedic entries and works of art displayed here are set in the same world—Varda—whether the farms of Zarubain, the moonlit city of Galiope, or the ice-blasted tundra of the druen.

The Red Dawn series

Setting: The Empire
Time Period:
210 Y.E.

soe cover

Soldier of the Empire

Publius Corvus, struggling with the worthiness of his cause, trains with the Imperial legion in the foothills. But as he questions the Empire and its goals, he finds himself sent on a secret mission in the mountains, a mission he increasingly does not understand.
Far away, in the streets of Imperial City, with the skies full of portent, word spreads that the emperor’s daughter has been kidnapped, and rumors circulate of something else, a new era, a new world, a new “Red Dawn.”

The Ulfr Crisis trilogy

Setting: Badelgard
Time Period: 800s Y.E.

Cover Fell Winter FinalFell Winter

An evil not seen in hundreds of years has awoken in the highland nation of Badelgard. The Ulfr – the original inhabitants of the land whose evil was matched only by their power over death – stir from their barrows.

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The Imperial Chronicles series

Setting: The Empire
Time Period: 999-1150 Y.E.

Unconquered Son

Unconquered Son

 The Empire threatens to collapse. As enemies multiply, a young man from the Empire’s hinterlands grudgingly heads to Imperial City and finds himself at the center of the fight to save the country he loves. What follows is a tale of desert queens and legionaries, of mad girls with great gifts and scheming highborn ladies, of gods both human and divine, that will forever transform the world they know.

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 The Wind of Destiny series

A Hero's Calling cover

A Hero’s Calling

In ancient times, the dark god Kronos crafted weapons of war in his fiery lair. His worship has long been eradicated, his followers driven into hiding… and yet he remains…

Creatures of shadow are crawling through the land of Eloesus… they seek one man above all else: Theron, upstanding citizen, master swordsman, and veteran of many wars. As he flees, doom is falling over the land: clouds of fire hover over the ancient city of Thenai and infernal names not spoken in thousands of years thunder from the mountaintops.
A hero is needed. A wind of destiny is blowing, yet Theron is one false step from death.

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Vampire Origins

  1. Army of Darkness
  2. Vampire Blade
  3. Crimson Throne
  4. Prince of Dread
  5. Day of Reckoning