Subject state of Fharas

To Fharas, Sur is the furthest kingdom in their orbit. Though the Pasha of Sur pays homage to the King of Kings and offers military support, a journey to Sur takes weeks and the journey back even longer. Even the Fharese know little of the mysterious Elephant Kingdom. Of course, to the people of Sur, the steaming hot tropical peninsula is home.


Sur considers itself a midway point between west and east, the intermediate point between the high cultures of the Far East and Far West. It is, perhaps, best known for its giant elephants, which Surese warriors make use of.

In the capital of Jianshi, giant elephant statues loom over street corners. In the Emerald Palace, the Pasha of Sur is guarded by elementalists, magicians of earth, fire, water and wood.


North of Jianshi and the Emerald Bay are rice paddies and tea plantations. Throughout much of the kingdom is a dense tropical jungle filled with venomous snakes, vicious tigers and giant forest elephants, which continues until the Heavenly Mountains at the far north.


The Kingdom of Elephants has poor relations with Cathay to the far east, whose Sublime Emperor claims to have a right of hegemony. Thus far, the crossbowmen and infantry of Cathay have been unable to bring the pasha into submission. A tenuous peace exists, and a trade of silk and porcelain travels peacefully west through the kingdom.

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