Beggar’s Rest

Region: Gallia
Population: 13,750

Beggars’ Rest is a large town located southwest of Cardunnon, on the edge of the Great Weald. It is notorious as a haunt for criminals, a place where anything goes. Stew houses (brothels) are common in the streets and as for outlaws seeking refuge, town officials often look the other way.


Beggars’ Rest is considered the southernmost point of the region of Gallia, but it is not part of the league and has no representation in Galiope. It is on the edge of the Great Weald, just past the trees, surrounded by a high stone wall. Deep underground springs provide the town’s water.

In the center of town is a keep called the Lookout, where the mayor resides. Just outside is the Market Square, rung by shops. Homes can be found outside these places, the very rich at Whitecliffe Point and the very poor at River Bottom.


Lydia, also known as Red Hood, is the mayor of Beggars’ Rest. A self described queen, she is an expert shot with the bow and is believed to have ties to the Syndicate, an organized group of thieves whose fingers stretch through all Gallia.


Though their moral universes are worlds apart, Beggars’ Rest is the largest customer and biggest importer of mead from nearby Highrock Abbey.