Country: The Empire
Province: Eloesus
Regional Capital: Arkadion (pop. 5,000)

“Wild Themuria,” as the Eloesian city-dwellers call it, is an untamed land of tiny villages and vast expanses of wilderness. It lies in the shadow of the Sky Mountains. It is a vast land of pine forests, lakes, and snowy peaks. The largest town and administrative center, Arkadion, is a flyspeck village compared to the Eloesian mega-cities of the lowland coasts.

Yet its remoteness and vastness are not its most notable features. Dancing through the vast forests, singing and playing pipes, are satyrs. According to legend, they are creations of the god Brecko, lord of frolic and wine. One thing is indisputable: their music has a supernatural effect on the listener, and many Eloesians have gone dancing with satyrs only to never return. The satyrs live for pleasure, and many visitors to Themuria cannot resist the temptation.

Somewhere in Themuria is the Satyr Maze, a center-point of fey power where the line between Varda and the Otherworld is thin.


The Oracle of Hylea, a prophetess and seer, once lived in Themuria on her holy mountain. When the Imperials assumed control of the region, they asked her to come west to Anthania. She refused.

Enraged, the emperor ordered her bound and gagged, shipped across the sea and forced to relocate. She remains in Anthania to the present day.


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