Gilirias Danorlé

Nationality: Lamen
Titles: Danorlé (abbreviated, “Light of the Gods”);  qildori (“Elf-Lord”)
Born: 30 A.H.
Age: 1437

Not only is Gilirias the Chief Healer (Amandori) and the greatest mender of wounds in the world, he holds the distinction of being the oldest living elf. Born thirty years after the close of the Shadow War, he is in excess of fourteen hundred years old. Despite his advanced age, he continues to serve at the Healing House, though he no longer leaves Danarion’s city precincts due to his own frailty.

In 962 A.H., Gilirias led a small contingent of healers and aided the king of Zarubain, using magic to defeat the undead armies of Vilnius.

Though not an elf-lord by birth, King Danthemari bestowed an honorary  title upon Gilirias in 1030 A.H. Gilirias is hailed as infinitely wise and as a master of healing magic.

His designation of “oldest elf” is disputed by some, however. A rumor persists that a great sorceress and her warrior lover— both veterans of the Shadow War—went into hiding in the land of the humans.

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