“On the Peoples and Tribes of the Elf Lands”

A field report by Ambrose Evarest, Zarube ambassador:

“The proudest and most ancient tribe of elves is the Lamen, ruling from the capital city of Danariom. Among the other elf-tribes they are considered exceedingly accomplished in the subjects of magic, alchemy, and the sciences. In war they are unequalled except against the Lonen, whom many consider their shadow-image.

“The Lonen Tribe lives in the gloomy eastern parts of Quilda. Their largest city is Naremon. They do not worship the gods; instead, they worship Lady Nil—Nothingness—whom they consider to have existed long before the material universe came into being. They live as if no gods exist; temples and priesthoods do not concern them.

“Up until the 300s, there existed another tribe of elves known as the Sorelden. They were skilled in the arts of magic and divination but their practices of sacrifice and their eagerness to war—as well as their worship of a dark demoness—led the other tribes to call them ‘The Fallen Elves.’ By the grace of the gods, a tribe of humans crossed into their land, brought their dark temples to ruin, and now none of the Sorelden remain.

“An extant tribe of great strength is the Umen, who live in the rainy forests of the great pines in the peninsula on the western part of Quilda. Due to their lack of civilization, some call them ‘the Wild Elves.’ They are unparalleled archers, trackers, and hunters. Their largest city is Darum, but in size it is not nearly as great as the other cities of Quilda. The Umen Tribe mostly keeps itself out of others’ affairs. One oddity is that their leader, the High Druid, is simultaneously a priest, a wizard, a warrior, and a ruler, and does not inherit the throne but achieve it.

“Now we will discuss the lesser tribes. The ‘Plains Elves’ of Kardir roam the rock-strewn plains far to the southeast; they are not especially civilized and do not have writing. The Nurnen, who live on the northern coast of the Elven Sea, are wise and civilized but few in number due to the harsh climate; they ride on domesticated reindeer and sell themselves as mercenaries (they are mighty warriors.) Along the eastern coast of the Elven Sea are halfbreeds (half-human, half-elves) who are renowned for their beauty yet forbidden in marriage. There is a rumor that another tribe lives far to the west, deep in the ocean, in a mystical land known as Golden Isle. Far away lives a reviled race of elves called the druen, or vampires; speaking of them is considered inexcusably rude—however, some have secretly told me they believe druen-elves live among them.”

– written ca. 860 Y.E.

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