Type: Race

The amazons are a race of people living in coastal islands off the Eloesian shore. Their women are far stronger and more intelligent than their men. Though amazons look similar to humans, the two cannot breed. The child of an amazon and a human is always stillborn.


Three large islands off the Eloesian coast form the amazon heartland: Jogheira, Agathë and Straiteira. The capital of the amazon people is the city of Tigris on Jogheira.


Amazons revere felines above other creatures. The panther — indigenous to the amazon isles — is held in great reverence, and killing them is forbidden. Cats are common pets; they are viewed as members of the family and are often given funerary rites when they die.

Amazon buildings are usually square in shape and flat-roofed. When the nights are hot in the summer, amazon families will often sleep on the rooftop.


The amazons claim they originated in the city of “Narthex Trebiorix”—a city which no scholar has been able to identify. In that city, a human woman named Kyra was savagely beaten and assaulted by a man of great power. Mira, the goddess of sunlight, felt so deeply for this Kyra that she replaced her frail human soul with a burning fire. Kyra became a great warrior. She slew the man who assaulted her and mothered a great people in the centuries before the Empire.


The amazons’ population has dwindled every generation since their zenith many centuries before the Empire. The decline reached its nadir in 800 Y.E. Now, a small population of amazons remains, scattered throughout the island of Jogheira off the coast of Eloesus. The amazons have isolated themselves, having little contact with the outside world. They have maintained their warrior traditions, but are no longer players on the world stage. An amazon in the human world is a rare sight.



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