Creatures of supernatural evil, demons are said to reside in Abollon, the world of hell; however, their influence stretches to the mortal world.

According to legend, demons have been at war with the gods since the beginning of Varda.

Demoniacs, or worshippers of demons, are organized into secret groups called cabals. Some have formed pseudo-religious orders led by antipriests.

Speaking a demon’s name is said to attract his attention; thus, names are often shortened. The full names are listed in parentheses; speak at your peril.

A partial list follows:

• Sémas: Called Seymus in the Empire and the Northern World; Shemesh in the Southern World. The chief of demons. Speaking his name is considered so dangerous, it is not even spoken shortened. Instead, he is called the Dark One or the Enemy.

Lesser Demons

Ba’amut (Bahamut): Demon prince of destruction. The Red Dragon. The Destroyer of Worlds. The eraser of what came before. The slave of El. The dragon of Elah, servant of Elah, he is said to be held by El on a chain.

Baa’oul (Baaaoul): Demon prince of gluttony. The Great Slug. His hunger is never-ending.

Bub (Buaab): Demon prince of cruelty and hunger. Frogs are considered his favored animal. Some of his followers have been known to devour flies, even to the exclusion of other foods. His worshippers call themselves his Tadpoles.

Byss (Habyss): Demon prince of chaos. The “demiurge” who tells his followers he is the creator. Other demons fear him so much they have chained him in a deep pit in Abollon, called the Abyss after him.
Other names: Kronos

Dag’an (Daghan): Demon prince of the depths. He loves to see the deaths of sailors. He calls his followers to act like the sharks of the sea.

El (Ellha): Demon prince of slavery, oppression and despair. Bahamut is his slave. His followers build mounds of stones or skulls, called maumets, as devotional objects. “El bids you come and die… To discard your worthless life, massacre the unbelievers, and expand his empire.”

Meltoth (Hameltoth): Demon prince of slaughter. Mass murders and brutal killings are his desire.

Og’og (Ogaaog): Demon prince of secrets and deep knowledge.

Heth (Ahetha): Demon prince of panic and fear.

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