War of Kings


The sixth book of the Wind of Destiny series…

Paperback, 5.5×8.5 inches


In the shadow of a mountain, Rogon, the Dark Captain — slain by his enemies — stirs to life. Bearing the Gauntlet of the Demiurge, he awakens more powerful than ever before.

Not far away, Theron, hero of the Southron War, embarks on a quest to avenge the Oracle for her betrayal. With the centaur Aigon at his side, he navigates a country torn asunder by war, ignorant of the power the Dark Captain has unleashed.

The sixth book of the Wind of Destiny series.

This paperback includes a map of Eloesus.

Locales: Eloesus
Further reading: Amazons

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Dimensions 13.97 × 1.1176 × 21.59 cm


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