Nocturne, Son of the Night


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“Seeing the great darkness within the elven prince’s heart, the High God cursed his descendants with a thirst for blood…”

Nocturne, a descendant of Prince Gilden, is an outsider. He sees humans as more than bloodmeals – something not well respected in Druen society. One winter night, his compassion gets the best of him when he kills his neighbor to save a human slave.

Forced to flee his village and everything he’s ever known, he begins a world-spanning journey in pursuit of his true home. His search will take him from the frozen wilderness of the Druen to the great cities of the non-cursed Elves and beyond, perhaps even into the realms of humanity.

This epic fantasy vampire novel introduces a new character to the world of fantasy: Nocturne, the son of the night.

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Praise for Nocturne, Son of the Night

“My favorite story… a wonderful vampiric tale.”
Morpheus Tales Review Supplement on the first chapter, appearing in Ethereal Tales.

“The main character, Nocturne, is engaging and well-drawn… Cooper hascreated an intriguing and vivid fantasy world with a lot of plausibledetail… [This book] is one of those Candide-type stories about thewanderer in search of himself and is quite compelling.”
– Inanna Arthen, author of Mortal Touch.

“Here, you will walk with Nocturne, as he wrestles with his destiny, through multiple adventures in the imaginative world of Varda… I highly recommend this story for those who love fantasy and adventure for the escapism it provides. AJ Cooper presents the world of Varda with an ease of entry that is at once familiar and cozy yet interesting enough to keep you there wondering where he will take you next… I’m looking forward to more stories coming out of Varda in the future.”
– R.A. Hobbs, book blogger


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