A Hero’s Calling


A wind of destiny is blowing. A hero is needed to answer the call…

The first book of the Wind of Destiny series.

Paperback, 5.5×8.5 inches


In ancient times, the dark god Kronos crafted weapons of war in his fiery lair. His worship has long been eradicated, his followers driven into hiding… and yet he remains…

Creatures of shadow are crawling through the land of Eloesus… they seek one man above all else: Theron, upstanding citizen, master swordsman, and veteran of many wars. As he flees, doom is falling over the land: clouds of fire hover over the ancient city of Thenai and infernal names not spoken in thousands of years thunder from the mountaintops.

A hero is needed. A wind of destiny is blowing, yet Theron is one false step from death.The first book of the Wind of Destiny series.

This paperback includes a map of Eloesus.

Locales: Eloesus
Further reading: Amazons

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Dimensions 5.5 × .9398 × 21.59 cm


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