The Lady’s religion


The Lady’s religion is the worship of Feanara particular to Zarubain.
Feanara, goddess of the fey, is called the Lady of the Lake or the Lady In White, or just the Lady. Her priests are always female. All other gods are considered foreign and male priests are balked at.


The country is divided into religious provinces called weyrds, each supervised by a priestess. A portion of all tithes go to the Lady’s Cathedral in Zarubad.
Non ordained priestesses of Feanara are branded fey witches by the state. Despite a punishment of burning at the stake, such renegades are a common sight and most weyrds have fey witches living in them, offering folk cures and fairy blessings to the peasants.


The island of Avelogne west of Zarubain is considered the origin of the Lady’s religion, the place where Melysant saw her reflection in the Life Well crowned as quetoen. The island, far outside the reach of the kingdom, is currently shared by a mixture of fairy priestesses and fey “witches.” A partially ruined temple, built in ancient style, lies near the shore.


The knights of Zarubain are among the Lady’s most devout followers, with many bearing her picture on their shields.