Class in the Empire


In the Empire, society is divided into three classes: the Augusts, the Knights, and the common.

The Augusts are the highest ranking social class and the only class, according to tradition, that can become Imperial Councilors and achieve certain other government posts.

The Knights are the second tier, having their origin in the Imperial military. At the time of the conquest of the Anthanian peninsula, males of young age were conscripted to fight the war, and supplied with horses for the effort. They and their descendants, plus steady new additions, became members of the Knightly class. The Knights are the second largest social class and one that foreign nobles of allied nations are traditionally brought into.

Emperors may come from either the August or Knightly classes but not the common.

The common are Imperial citizens who have rights but are not noblemen. They form up to 95 percent of the population.