Haroon spice

Type: Drug

Haroon spice is a drug, currently banned in the Empire and tolerated, though stigmatized, in the Southern World. It resembles a fine red powder, thus its name “spice,” and can be chewed or smoked in pipes. The drug causes hallucinations and feelings of euphoria but—over the long term—afflicts addicts with severe weight loss and mental impairment. Crimson eyes are the telltale sign of long-term addicts. As one of the most addictive drugs in the world, the Empire has banned its sale and distribution, but has failed to contain its spread.

Haroon spice became a widespread problem in Imperial City around 900 Y.E., when drug runners began selling it in the slums. The Spice Law of 946, passed in the reign of Emperor Julio Seánus, condemned non-citizens who sell the drug to public execution, and Imperial citizens to a debilitating fine. The drug is produced from the flameweed plant in Ascalor and makes its way through the Southern World to the port of Haroon, for which it is named. From Haroon, the drug is smuggled in secret cargoes throughout the Imperial world.