The Desert of Hamma

Desert of Hamma

Location: The Southern World

A vast desert lies on the periphery of the Kingdom of Fharas, east and north of Megiddo. Amid its sandstorms and towering dunes, nameless creatures walk. It forms the barrier between the eastern and western nations. Only the most skilled and experienced can cross it.


The Hamma Desert stretches from the Heavenly Mountains in the east to the Red Highlands in the west, from Baradon and the Nether Regions in the north to the Dogo Mountains of Megiddo in the south. Violent sandstorms prevent easy travel.


  • The Land of Tadmor: A fertile region in the middle of the desert and a former kingdom, the cluster of oases known as the Land of Tadmor is the only place in the Hamma Desert where large scale agriculture can be undertaken. It is a place of great wealth and rich history. Dates, melons, wheat and grape vines grow there in abundance.
  • Kish: A great city in the Heavenly Mountains, considered the border between Cathay and the desert.
  • The Great Salt Flats: A pan of white salt stretches some fifty miles in length in the middle of the desert. It abuts the Hissing Pools where basilisks are known to roam.
  • Ruins of Nemer-Ze: These ancient ruins may only exist in legend, but they and their hoard of gold are the envy of every grave robber.