Sea Raider States

Nation: Fharas
Region: Southern World

The Sea Raider States, each led by a monarchical ruler called a bey, are located on the northeastern periphery of a vast island. As the name implies, the inhabitants profit from state-sanctioned raiding. They are the great fear of ships in the South Seas. They are also the world’s biggest slavers, capturing many thousands every year and selling them in the slave marts of Karthoon and Barbela.



The island of Zubay is the world’s largest known island. Its eastern half is covered in rainforest. Its western half is a scorching desert nonetheless filled with iron mines and salt mines. The indigenous tribesmen still exist within its deep reaches; others have become fully integrated into the Sea Raider States.


The Fharese padisha emperor claims suzerainty over all of Zubay, but has not controlled or even influenced the Sea Raiders for centuries. The cities are so distant from the Fharese heartland that ruling over them is impractical. The beys nonetheless acknowledge this status in theory.