Nation: Fharas

Phos is a rocky coastland south of Kheroe, facing the ocean.


For six-hundred years, up until 31 Y.E., Phos was ruled by a council of elders called the Necrophages. They promoted what they called the Old Gods, the religion which they claimed the ancients followed, especially Kronos (Habyssa), whose name they forbade anyone to speak. In 31 Y.E., the King of Kings declared war on Phos at the request of the magi, and removed the Necrophages from power, installing a satrap in their place. At present, Phos is a small and sparsely populated region of little note. Mount Mirza, the traditional council place of the Necrophages, remains, but hardly any trace of their rule endures.


The largest town in Phos is the Black Harbor, population 500, which hugs the coast. The region is much milder than the deserts just miles away, and receives plentiful rainfall. However, farming is virtually impossible in the rocky soil.


Phos is ruled by the satrap Enji, originally from the city of Taifun. He lives in the satrap’s palace in the Black Harbor.