Nation: Londor
Region: Naremdor
Pop. 100,000

Religious exiles from Lamdar were the settlers of Naremon. Their leader Loni called the gods superstition and was threatened with death, some thousand years after the Age of Elves began. He cleared the swamps and forests and with his thousand followers built a new life and a new world far from the King’s rule. As the people multiplied, a new city emerged in the midst of the wilderness. It took its name from Lady Nihil (Nareme Dore) and became among the greatest cities in the Elven Age.

A clear divide exists between the aristocracy and the common people. Most wealth and property belongs to the aristocrats and does not change hands. The mansions of the wealthy as well as the Royal Palace can be found in the Upper City, while the less regal homes and markets of the commoners can be found in the Lower.


The Temple of Shadows: The center of Lonen rituals, proclaiming atheism in the form of Lady Nihil. The temple was built in the city’s heyday in the Elven Age, and features numerous silver domes and stone spires. The Lector is the leader of Lonen ritual and protects the original copy of the Book of Nihil, forged on metal plates.

The Armory: A vast fortress in the Lower City, built in the Elven Age using technology now lost to elven knowledge. It lies abandoned and is rumored to be haunted by ghosts. Bats have taken residence in its turrets and belfries.


With rare exceptions, humans are barred from entry and forbidden at the gate. Elves of other tribes are generally unwelcome but allowed to enter. Humans wanting to travel to Naremon must receive an official writ from the government of Londor Kingdom. These are given only in exceptional circumstances. The citizens of Londor Kingdom are generally xenophobic and consider humans inferior. Most inns and shops will not cater to them.