The Founding of the Empire

Historical Event
circa 1 Y.E.

For centuries, from the time of the Dark Age until long after the emergence of the Eloesian city-states, two powerful tribes fought each other on the Island of Peregoth: the Formusi and the Tenebarii. Together they dominated the seas around what would become Imperial District, having established trading relations as far away as Carta Mega. Their disunion prevented them from prevailing over the other tribes in the Isles.

But after a devastating war, the patriarchs of the Formusus and Tenebarius tribes made a formal treaty. In 1 Y.E., the first brick of what would become their new capital was laid. Formusus women were married to Tenebarius men, and vice versa. By the end of the century all distinction between them was lost. It became forbidden to identify oneself by his tribe.

The new powerful tribe came to dominate the other eight islands and granted citizenship to them by 55 Y.E. The original families of the Formusus and Tenebarius tribes formed the August class.

Kings in Peregoth ruled the isles until 110 Y.E. The seventh and last king Echobannus, half Peregothian and half Ugar, was such a tyrant that the people revolted and a form of democracy was established. The Imperial Council was granted many kingly powers, co-shared with the emperor and the people’s assemblies.