The Dark Age

Historical Event
??? to circa 316 Y.B.E.

The Dark Age was a time of civilizational collapse that occurred over most of Varda in the wake of the First Shadow War.

The elven cities, shrunken and ravaged, became small villages or ghost towns. Prophecies and religious books were written and elven poets recorded the derring-do of the war’s heroes. By the end of the Dark Age, the elven cities were growing again but never reached their former height.

In Zarubain, the humans had been kept in a happy ignorant sleep by the fey, but one by one they began to awaken from their enchanted slumber. In Gallia, the power of the kings endured but as trade routes fell into disrepair and the wilderness encroached, the population began to decline. Villages became isolated from one another and the world seemed to grow larger and larger.

The Southlands, long devastated by the cataclysm, watched as the last vestiges of Telantine civilization disappeared. The  landscape became one of great stretches of wilderness and isolated subsistence villages that time forgot. The first signs of renewal began in Khazidea, followed by Kheroe. Khazidea had again become a thriving civilization by the time the first Eloesian city-states formed.

The kingdom of what is now Fharas never truly fell, but began to grow in power at the end of the Dark Age.