Type: Race

Norgs, called halflings by the outside world, are a race of diminutive people known for their short stature and ability to sneak and disappear unnoticed.

They reside in the Kalamar Forest, a region enchanted by the fey. Some say the fey influence has changed them over the centuries. To humans, they appear like children, in a state of arrested development. Though they claim lineage from the dwarves, they are beardless and lack facial hair.

The norgs say a tribe of dwarves crossed the mountains to the east and settled in the Kalamar Forest, forsaking their race and the name “dwarf” in the aftermath of the Shadow War. Their leader, Bayne, drove the harpies from the forest into the nearby Murk Swamps and settled the first of the Kalamarian towns. The greatest of these was the capital, Bayne’s Dain, “Dain” meaning fortress in Dwarvish.

In their home in the Kalamar Forest, they have become excellent gardeners and herbalists. Over the centuries, bands of norgs — called halflings by the outside world — have left the forest kingdom and settled in cities across Varda, such as Wagontown in Imperial City as well as Pettibourg in Zarubad.

Notable Populations