Type: Humanoid

Rokahn are warlike creatures traditionally seen as servants of the Dark One.


Rokahn stand on average a bit taller than humans. They exhibit a number of skin tones but are usually dark green, pitch black or mud brown. Their skin glands emit a slight viscous slime. A large portion of males have horns, which can grow as long as two feet. Males and females are mostly indistinguishable to non-rokahn and both sexes are equally strong and prone to violence.


Their two centers of origin are in the Dragonteeth Mountains and the dwarf lands. From there they are spawned and then bred for service.

They emerged in prehistory and during the First Shadow War, were the main troops in the Dark One’s armies. From then on their number shrank but lately they have been increasing.


Kehrad are shorter varieties of rokahn notes for their intelligence. They often wield bows and javelins and serve as commanders.
Runt rokahn are called toltar and often exhibit red skin. They are scorned by other rokahn, used as pack mules or in hard times, a snack.