Type: Magic weaver

Hierophants, magic weavers with powers of lightning and thunder, are also devout priests of the god Arephon. They combine religion and innate magical power into one devastating force.

Hierophants wear long blue robes and wield wooden hammer-like staffs. They mostly hail from the city-state of Korthos and the surrounding regions (Korthica). Widely feared by the surrounding city-states, their devotion to Arephon outstrips their devotion to Korthos; however, they often serve in the city’s name.


  • Deafening opponents through thunder or a thunderous voice.
  • Calling down bolts of lightning.
  • Jolting a person from near death.
  • Guiding the lightning during a storm.


  • Apotheosis—Recorded in only a few instances in history, becoming lightning and thunder embodied.

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