Dó Kentas

Martial art

Practitioners of Dó Kentas believe that all a warrior needs is a staff (Elvish, kentas).

Their style of stick-fighting is considered the most ancient elven martial art. Each Dó Kentari is allowed only three items: a quarterstaff, a longknife, and loose white clothes. Masters of the art wear their hair in ponytails.

The Dó Kentaren have a strict code of honor: to protect the king and legitimate governments; to defend women and the vulnerable; and to only kill when there is no other option.

They have been known to vault from rooftop to rooftop with their quarterstaffs. Agility and free movement is the foundation of the martial art form. A strong sense of physical balance and mental self-control is instilled into a Dó Kentari. Using great agility and mobility, the Dó Kentaren have been known to defeat foes much better armed and armored than themselves.

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