The Lady’s Cathedral

Location: Zarubad

The Lady’s Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world, called the mother of cathedrals. It is the cathedral by which others are measured and the cathedral which has spawned countless copies.

Located in Zarubad, it is the center of religious power in Zarubain, the seat of the High Priestess and the focal point of the Lady’s religion.
It is the place where Zarube kings are crowned and the site of royal weddings.


The Rose Window is the most famous stained glass window in the world, set on the front end of the cathedral.

Within the church are many more stained glass windows depicting religious scenes. All the windows are noted for their luminous colors, celestial blues, emerald greens, and blood reds.


The temple to Feanara that stood in Zarubain at the end of the Dark Age was not unlike the pillared temples of the Southlands. But it was burned and collapsed to ruins by a Mekari raiding party in 260 Y.E. Preparations to rebuild were in progress when the High Priestess Aria had a dream, a dream of a building of stone and stained glass which would fill worshipers with wonder. She presented this vision the king and he consented, paving a way for construction that would last forty years.