City: Zarubad
Nation: Zarubain

Pettibourg is a section of Zarubad known as a haunt of the halflings. It is the only place where the halflings are allowed to reside and as such, the buildings are a bit smaller and the streets are a little narrower. Pettibourg is very impoverished and is not immune to the city’s squalor, though halflings are naturally resistant to disease.


In the center of Pettibourg is a small market square. Like much of the city’s squares it is chipped and worn by rain and wind, as well as stained by filth.

An oak from Kalamar once stood in the center, but the king ordered it cut down and burned.

Walls surround the district and the human residents of Zarubad are discouraged from entering.


The curfew for Pettibourg is one hour after sunset. Then every halfling is expected to remain home with the windows shut.

A parish church for the weyrd of Perribourg lies near the market square, but the religious halflings usually attend the Church of Peong near the gate. The junior priestess of the weyrd, due to low attendance, is rarely in residence.

For work, many halflings work in the docks, loading and unloading goods from ships. Others are artisans or merchants. Some are bankers. Many, however, are rogues with no steady employment, and for this the halflings of Pettibourg have gained a notorious reputation in Zarubad.


  • The White Pony: A spacious inn, the center of activity in Pettibourg. It is a place where business deals are made and where reveling continues into the night on high holy days. Special rooms are reserved for humans, whom the halflings call Big People.
  • The Mayor’s Residence: The mayor of Pettibourg is appointed by the king. He is human and is often absent from his residence.