Westwood (Region of Zarubain)


Important Towns: Cair Dauphin (pop. 150, plus an army of 2,500); Westwood Abbey (pop. 120); Summerville (pop. 1,200 in the summer)


Westwood is a vast forest of hemlocks, spruces, and maples. Bordering the ocean, it exists under an almost-constant veil of rain and mist. Deer, moose, bears, and rabbits abound, providing plentiful sport for hunters. One may find it easy to get lost in Westwood thanks to its vastness; it stretches about 70 miles east to west, and nearly all of it is untamed. To the north, blocked by the impossibly tall Sky Cliffs, is Badelgard. To the northeast are Murghul lands and the mountains, and to the south and southeast is Zarubain (the nation in control of Westwood).


Westwood has three principle settlements: Summerville, populated on a part-time basis by the royal family, the noblemen, and their servants and slaves; the adjoining fortress and army garrison that belongs to the crown prince (Cair Dauphin); and Westwood Abbey, a convent of priestesses in the middle of the forest dedicated to studying the fey.

Summerville contains numerous vast, gated mansions built purely for luxury. The army’s presence was much smaller in Westwood before the onset of the recent Northern Terror (hordes of raiders from Badelgard).

Westwood Abbey was built in the forest and conducts daily research on the fey. 120 priestesses live and study here under the direction of the Reverend Lady Elouette; their only protection is the relative vastness of the forest.

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