Vale Royeau

Region of Zarubain
Seat: Zarubad (Pop. 200,000)

The Vale was named for its first ruler, Lord Roy vis Bretagne. The Vale abounds with apple orchards, peasants’ fields and pastures. A sprawling pine forest covers the southern end, serving as a place of meditation for the lord’s family. Port Bretteau sits at a natural harbor. Like much of western Zarubain, rain is near constant and the weather is consistently mild.


On the north end of Vale Royeau, where the River Zaros meets the sea, lies the city of Zarubad, which has always been an important settlement but not always the royal capital. In the 700s W.Y., Lord Joules vis Bretagne married Princess Mathysse Hernaut and eventually inherited the kingdom. He changed the capital from Eldernesse to Zarubad. Eldernesse began a rapid decline, especially after King Joules demolished the old palace to rebuild it in Zarubad. It has since become an overgrown ruin.


  • Port Bretteau: A city on the sea. Pop. 2,000.
  • Zarubad: A bustling metropolis, the largest city in the Northern World.
  • Silver Woods: A moss-covered pine forest, dotted with statues and memorials. A place of meditation for the House Bretagne.

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