Population: approx. 100,000
Country: Zarubain
Region: The Robber Baronies
Nicknames: “The City the King Forsook.”

Carribor is a Zarube metropolis located in the Robber Baronies.  The densely populated city is known across the kingdom as a lawless and immoral place, full of brothels and gambling houses, and ridden with crime. There is even rumor that a guild of thieves exists here and—even more scandalously—pulls the strings of the government through bribes and intimidation. It is said that the King of Zarubain gave up on Carribor long ago.

A forty-foot stone wall surrounds the entire three-mile perimeter of Carribor, protecting it from the perpetual wars of the surrounding baronies. Though many have tried to lay siege to it, very few have succeeded. In its almost 1000-year history, Carribor has been sacked exactly twice: once in 276 W.Y. during the Wars of the Crown, and once in 771 during the War of the Necromance. In more recent times, the formidable armies that camp outside Carribor’s gates are often paid off through bribes rather than fought, thanks to the city’s immense wealth.

The ruler of Carribor holds the title of count and has absolute authority over the citizens. The current count, Lord Jourdaine vis Kardis, is known as a carouser, a drunkard, and an accepter of bribes. He lives in an elaborate palace in the center of the city, the likes of which have never been seen in the North. Built in a southern style with white pillars, pointed arches and domes, it contains indoor heated baths, exotic animals, and dancing girls. The people of Carribor often speak of the depravity that takes place within the white walls.


Despite its poor reputation among the Zarube noblemen, many visit Carribor for the entertainments forbidden elsewhere. One is the Arena of Blood, where—unlike most other arenas in the north—real, killing weapons are used instead of the alchemically-altered tourney swords. Criminals are both killed in the Arena, and in the Theatre Macabre, where they play the parts of doomed characters.


Carribor is hardly considered a religious city. However, it does have as many churches as other Zarube cities. The patron goddess—in name—is Feanara, the Green Lady, and she has a small cathedral in the city. However, there are also many churches of the god Lunas, who reigns over gambling, thievery, and luck. The most streetwise of the citizens know of a temple to the goddess Isdar, goddess of pleasure, hidden beneath a tavern.


A notable feature of Carribor is the fact that slavery is illegal there. Although not officially a “safe spot” for escaped slaves (the city will hand over runaways) many elves live within the city in liberty. The selling and keeping of slaves is banned, and has been banned as a matter of course since the Elven Wars. However, if these free elves step outside the city walls, they have no protection. Indeed, some cautious elves were born in Carribor, lived their whole lives there, and died there without ever leaving the walls.

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