The Eldenwood

The Eldenwood is a large wilderness in the west of Zarubain. Like many other parts of Zarubain, it has a strong fey presence. Wailing banshees are often heard in the depths of the forest.

The Eldenwood predominates the eastern portion of the County of Lys, the majority of the County of Miere, and the west of the Viscounty of Renseur.

At the heart of the Eldenwood, somewhere in the County of Miere, is the Heart Tree, the thickest-barked ironwood known to the Zarubes.


In ancient times, the Elderfolk—the first inhabitants of Zarubain—had their seat of power here.

Following the war, the region was divided up into Lys, Miere, and Renseur. The fey still hold great power, and ruins of the Elderfolk can be found with frequency. Will o’ wisps frequently appear at night, and nixes guard ponds by day.


  • Summerset, the Twilight City, is said to appear on Midsummer’s Eve in various places throughout the Eldenwood. A link to the otherworld, many have searched for it and several disappeared in the process.
  • The Temple of the Moon appears in different places each autumn equinox, according to legend, and great treasure can be found within its ruins.


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